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+PLUS: GET ACCESS TO THE WORLD'S ONLY DNA-based Sleep Grade Analysis 

September 27 – October 1, 2021

JUST 1 HOUR A DAY OVER 5 Days to Transform How You Sleep and Wake up ENERGIZED and Ready to Perform Your Best!


September 27 – October 1, 2021

5 Days to Transform How You Sleep and Wake up ENERGIZED and Ready to Perform at Your Best!




Tara Youngblood

our back to sleep challenge speakers...

Dr Michael J. Breus
Mollie McGlocklin
Dr. Vonda Wright M.D. 
Autumn Smith
Kelly Starrett
David Nurse
Sky Christopherson
Jason Campbell
Kashif Khan
Dr. Andrew Wells 
and Dr. Chad Woolner
And more...

Over 68% of people struggle with Sleep...

And that was BEFORE the pandemic. Over the past year and a half, the number of people struggling with "getting a good night's sleep" has skyrocketed. 
Whether you...
  • Can't GET to sleep
  • Can't STAY asleep
  • NEVER wake up rested
  • Struggle to have time to sleep
  • ​Or just want to optimize your sleep, so you perform your best
Then the Back to Sleep challenge is for YOU!
5 Days to Revolutionize Your Sleep...
You have to sleep 8 hours a night
It's the QUALITY of your sleep, not QUANTITY
Contrary to popular myth – it's not about how long you sleep every night, it's about the quality of that sleep.

Trainers and performance coaches from every walk of life believe this all begins with a good night’s sleep.

And we are going to show YOU how to get a great night's sleep, and wake up rested. 

We have put tens of thousands of hours into what creates a phenomenal night of sleep. 

And we've learned that...

Sleep Doesn't Have To Be This Hard

Phenomenal sleep should be easy. And we are going to show you how to get it!

Inside the Back to Sleep Challenge, you will learn how to build your personalized sleep recipe so you can escape the cycle of sleepless nights and exhausting days.


ASSESS your sleep


Instill the ideal SLEEP HABITS 









Our Super Star Guest Speakers

Dr. Michael J Breus
Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is one of only 168 psychologists in the world to have passed the Sleep Medical Speciality board without going to Medical School.

Dr. Michael Breus was recently named the Top Sleep Specialist in California by Reader’s Digest, and one of the 10 most influential people in sleep. He is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show, is the author of “The Power of When”; a bio-hacking guide book proving that there is a perfect time to do everything, based on your genetic biological chronotype.
Mollie McGlocklin
Mollie McGlocklin is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. 

After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skill set of sleep. With a background in behavioral change from The Nonverbal Group, she became fascinated with chronobiology and its practical application to sleep and our overall experience of life. 

Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep.
Dr. Vonda Wright M.D.
Dr. Vonda Wright, Orthopedic surgeon, author, speaker, researcher and entrepreneur has gained national prominence as an expert in active aging and dramatically changes the lives of patients and athletes. Her approach to living vital, active and thriving lives is praised by medical experts, fitness gurus, and adult-onset exercisers alike.

Dr. Wright currently practices orthopedic sports medicine and serves as the President of the southeast division of Hughston Orthopedics in Lake Nona Florida. She is the founder of the membership community, ‘aijles and also the founder of the Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes (PRIMA). 

Regarded as a thought leader & innovator, she serves on multiple health and corporate advisory boards contributing to the exponentially changing health and lifestyle environment.
Kelly Starrett
Kelly is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run and the Wall Street Journal bestseller Deskbound. Kelly was also the co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit, the 21st CrossFit affiliate. Kelly consults with athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB the US Olympic Team and CrossFit works with elite Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard forces, and consults with corporations on employee health and well-being. Dr. Starrett’s work is not limited to coaches and athletes; his methods apply equally well to children, desk jockeys, and anyone dealing with injury and chronic pain. He believes that every human being should know how to move and be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.
David Nurse
David Nurse is an NBA/elite performance optimization coach, the bestselling author of Pivot & Go, and an internationally acclaimed motivational keynote speaker. As a former professional basketball player and coach for the Brooklyn Nets, David has developed over 150 NBA players both on and off the court, helping to generate a total of 3.2 Billion in combined revenue for his players. 

Since opening his mindset and leadership optimization programs to elite performers in every industry in 2018, his tools have helped Fortune 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs, tech moguls and finance wizards, Hollywood actors and musicians alike.
Jason Campbell
Jason’s journey into meditation, music and wellness began 43 years ago, at age 8 when his teacher told him to never listen to notes, but instead to listen to the space in between the notes.
He has released over 100 albums, has been #1 on multiple Billboard and Amazon charts, and had five Billboard top 5 albums in a 5 month period in 2019. He just released his 26th album in 26 months, titled Zen Piano: Adverse Enthusiasm. Jason is a 7th degree black belt and co-founder of Zen Wellness. His unique perspective on health, wellness and spiritual growth comes from his lifelong study of both music and the ancient arts of Eastern health, medicine, meditation and enlightenment. His whole adult life has been an effort to combine eastern arts, meditation and music.

His music and teachings have opened meditation to thousands of people who have never meditated before or who have tried meditation and have failed in their effort to simply sit still and clear the mind.
Sky Christopherson
Sky Christopherson is an OIympic Athlete and World Record Holder on a global mission to create sustainable health and fitness. Second time founder, Sky has been called a 'Wunderkind' by The New York Times, and recently voted 5th nationwide in 'Top 40 under 40 in Healthcare Innovation'. Sky was an Olympic athlete, Olympic torch bearer, and member of the U.S. Olympic 'Project 96' prior to the 1996 Olympics. Frustrated by the rampant doping culture in cycling, Sky retired after the 2000 Olympics and dedicated his career in search for a better solution. In 2011, Sky broke a world record using an individualized digital health approach inspired by Dr. Eric Topol, the previous holder of the record receiving a lifetime ban for drugs. This experiment was the genesis of OAthlete that helped athletes win medals at the 2012 London Olympics, receiving international media and featured in the award-winning documentary film 'Personal Gold (2016)' acquired by Netflix.
Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith is the co-founder of Paleovalley and Wild Pastures, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, and a Certified FDN Practitioner. Her passion for health began with her own struggles with IBS and anxiety: despite a career as a professional dancer and celebrity fitness trainer, Autumn’s own health was in shambles. Desperate for a cure, she and her husband Chas stumbled upon the paleo diet in 2011 and within a month of beginning it, her health was completely transformed. Autumn then made it her mission to share the information she had learned with as many people as possible: she is the co-founder of Paleovalley, an organic whole-food supplement and paleo snack food company that prioritizes nutrient density and food quality. In 2018, she took things a step further and launched her second business with her husband: Wild Pastures, a regenerative pasture-based meat delivery service. 
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. With the largest study of its kind globally, The DNA Company has developed a functional approach to genomic interpretation overlaying environment, nutrition and lifestyle on the genetic blueprint to create personalized and deterministic health outcomes.

Prior to his tenure at the DNA Company, Kashif participated in a number of high growth start-ups where he took an active role as an angel investor and advisor. He ran two successful marketing firms where his client list comprised Canada’s top earners and most affluent individuals. From Canada’s largest company to small neighbourhood businesses, Kashif has advised on business strategy in industries ranging from luxury retail, technology, finance, fine arts, healthcare, tourism and real estate. He participated in over $300 million in revenue in his own retail business prior to launching consulting services to help others thrive.
Dr. Andrew Wells and Dr. Chad Woolner
Dr. Andrew Wells grew up watching his entire family struggle with chronic health issues. Growing up, he thought it was normal to always have health issues, to have multiple doctors and specialists and to constantly be on some type of medication. Dr. Wells now mentors and coaches doctors across the country on simple but powerful strategies to reverse chronic health issues without drugs and surgery.

Dr. Chad Woolner has been studying sleep strategies ever since his wife was diagnosed with a major health issue and struggled with severe sleep difficulties. In helping his wife, Dr. Woolner developed a unique approach to helping not only his wife, but thousands of patients across the US, find health through simple but powerful strategies. Dr. Woolner runs an integrated practice in Boise, ID. He has done postgraduate studies in clinical nutrition and is a graduate of the Kalish Institute, one of the premier post graduate training programs for functional medicine.

Exclusive Live Challenge Schedule...

We Start Monday, September 27th, 2021

The confusion of the unknown that began last year when the pandemic first emerged caused a domino effect of health issues. Issues that people already had were exacerbated, weights skyrocketed, new mental health concerns emerged, overwhelming stress had us on-edge…
We stopped taking care of ourselves.
But now that things are calming down, many of us are witnessing our idea of health begin down a new trajectory — a more natural approach.

DAY 1: 
The "Back 
to Sleep" Framework

DAY 2: 
Sleep Habits

DAY 3: 
Your Inside 

DAY 4: 
Your Ideal Surroundings

DAY 5: 
Your Personal Sleep Recipe

The Back To Sleep Challenge Will Empower You to Do that!

We have a star-studded speaker line up and exact steps you need to take to reset your health – giving your mind, body, and spirit the fresh start – and optimal health – you deserve.

And you won’t be alone. We are going to take our health back TOGETHER as a community. 
It's time to get Back to Sleep.

What You Get


How Would You Like To See Results Like These?

"I’ve been a ChiliSleep user now for the last several months. My wearable sleep tracker shows a significant trend up in the amount of Deep & REM I’m getting each night - more importantly I feel the difference daily in my recovery and energy level. After only a few nights I knew this would help my student-athletes, especially our big guys. I’m a firm believer in that if you improve a student-athlete’s sleep you’ve improved the student-athlete. And ChiliSleep does just that,"
— Josh Storms, Florida State’s Director of Strength and Conditioning
"I've never seen anyone more knowledgable in the sleep game than Tara Youngblood. The way she unpacks the step-by-step process of how to become an optimized sleeper literally is not just a game changer for my NBA athletes, but it is a life changer for everyone who wants to get a great night's sleep – which would be everyone"
— David Nurse
"She translates the complex science on sleep into practical, actionable advice that will help you to find your optimal sleep recipe and 'reprogram' your sleep"
— Chris Kresser
"Tara breaks things down and makes the science and strategy of sleep super simple"
— Mark Sisson

Frequently Asked Questions

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The 5-Day FREE challenge begins on Monday, September 27 and ends on Friday, October 1st. We will be live each day at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific.
The challenge is only 60 minutes a day! We will be live each day 
at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific.
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About Your Host: Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood is the co-founder and CEO of ChiliSleep, a company that creates award-winning technologies and apps that are changing the way the world sleeps. The revolutionary Chili Cool Mesh™ signature product has been used by Presidents, celebrities, and CEOs.

Tara’s mission is to empower people all over the world to recover their sleep, energy, and life.

Tara is passionate about helping people get the coolest sleep ever with the use of technology and biohacking. 

Tara is the sleep coach for the Cincinnati Reds MLB professional baseball team, and she’s consulted with the U.S. military and several veterans groups. Media outlets, including MSN, Fox News, CNET, Reader’s Digest, Healthline.com, and PopSugar, frequently seek out her expertise for insights and analysis on issues affecting sleep, health, and wellness topics.

Tara’s own exploration with sleep started when she lost a child and began her 10-year healing journey. Already a trained scientist with a B.S. in Science and Physics, Tara studied traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic practices, neuroscience, and psychology.

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The information provided to you in connection with the 5 Day Challenge does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making or refraining from making any decision. Such information is for general informational purposes only, and under no circumstance should you construe such information as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not intend for the foregoing content to replace medical care, medical diagnosis, or the relationship between you and your physician or other medical provider. We are not a licensed medical care provider and have no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind. Such information should not be used in any way to diagnose or treat any medical condition. You should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional regarding any concerns you have relating to your health, especially before you start or stop any particular health-related regimen. Never delay seeking or disregard professional medical advice because of something you have learned in connection with the 5 Day Challenge.
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